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Flourish Scalp Serum Marula & Lavender

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Welcome to an oasis where the worries of a stressful life can be left behind. It starts with the calming notes of lavender and ends with the deep nourishment provided by Marula, both working together to provide an award-winning scalp serum that is simply exceptional. 

Flourish Scalp Serum Marula & Lavender puts you and your scalp ahead of the rest! This potent combination quenches the thirst of overworked hair, offering lightweight moisture without heavy silicones or mineral oils. Perfectly suited for all hair types, it helps reduce flakiness, dryness, itching and thinning hair while promoting healthy hair growth from the roots. 

Say goodbye to flyaways and frizzy strands as this 100% organic formula tames any rebellious strands. You can now experience a luxurious scalp therapy treatment right at home! Flourish Scalp Serum Marula & Lavender is a personal favorite of our founder and she loves using it on her family regularly.


Flourish Scalp Serum Marula & Lavender
Flourish Scalp Serum Marula & Lavender Sale price$19.20 USD Regular price$48.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
tera p.
Best hair oil ever

I’m an aesthetician and always looking for clean product to enhance my clients skin and hair. I love this oil to nourish the hair and scalp. It hydrates the hair and scalp although doesn’t leave any residue on the hair. Love love love

Face oil

This facial Oil is a game-changer for anyone seeking to transform their skin’s health and appearance. Its an absolute must-have in my skin care routine. Love the transformation I am seeing after using this product. Its hydrating, nourishing, and transformative properties have revitalized my complexion and given me the confidence to embrace my natural beauty. If someone is looking to elevate their skincare routine and experience a noticeable improvement in skin’s health and appearance, I highly recommend incorporating the face oil. It’s a skincare secret that truly delivers on its promises!

Kate K.
My Naturally Curly Hair Loved it!

I love this scalp serum, it feels great on my scalp. I love leaving it in overnight for some extra hydration.

shiny and healthy hair

I massage a few drops of the serum into my dry scalp and style my hair. It makes my dry scalp feel soft and hydrated and my hair looking shiny and healthy.

Amazing product!

I was having dry scalp issues until I found this little gem! It hydrates my scalp and makes my hair shiny and healthier! Thank you for this! I am obsessed!

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