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Dr. Shobana Vankipuram

Empowering Women in Situations of Domestic Violence

Dr. Shobana Vankipuram's commitment to empowerment extends beyond beauty, encompassing social change and community upliftment. As part of her mission to empower women on all fronts, we proudly support couple of women's help group dedicated to preventing domestic violence. We believe in creating a society where every woman can thrive without fear, and by partnering with these groups, we contribute to fostering awareness, education, and support for those affected by domestic violence. Together, we stand against injustice and work towards a world where women are not only beautiful and strong, but also safe and free to pursue their dreams. Dr. Vankipuram's advocacy for empowerment extends to the very heart of our communities, where positive change begins.

Narika was founded in 1992 by a group of immigrant women, who identified the need for domestic violence services in the local communities of the Bay Area. These women opened the doors of Narika by use of an informal familial model of service, engaging victims as sisters rather than clients, and providing assistance in several different languages. Their initiative duly evolved into the organized non-profit that today proudly serves the Bay Area as Narika.


Lead in Heels - "with a  primary mission to empower women and girls globally through building a support system for victims of domestic and sexual violence, for NGOs dedicated to work for the betterment of women and children, for activists committed to bringing about social justice, and for women and girls to have access to means for financial independence, education and health."