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Deep Cleansing Face Oil Pomegranate & Cardamom

Sale price$31.20 USD Regular price$78.00 USD

Say hello to luxurious skin with our specially designed Deep Cleansing Face Oil Pomegranate & Cardamom. Our face oil is formulated for busy women who want a one-step solution to effectively remove makeup, dirt, grime, and sunscreen without drying their skin. It's easy to use AND it smells amazing with extracts of pomegranate and cardamom! 

Experience the transformation this product brings- just pour a few drops onto your dry hands and massage throughout your face. You will see the oil convert into a thin milky solution that lifts impurities off your skin in a matter of minutes! Best part is you don't have to go through double cleansing with soap as this cleanser easily washes off with warm water! 

Infused with all-natural ingredients like grapeseed and sweet almond oils plus Vitamin E and CoQ10, this Deep Cleansing Face Oil nourishes your skin leaving it soft and supple like never before. So make sure you get yours today and unlock the secret to incredible beauty treatments that only Raaka's World can deliver.


Deep Cleansing Face Oil Pomegranate & Cardamom
Deep Cleansing Face Oil Pomegranate & Cardamom Sale price$31.20 USD Regular price$78.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Alejandra A.
I love this product!

This really feels like an oil serum when first applied but takes your make up right off when rinsed with water. It is super gentle and efficient. This works great to take off mascara. Though, what makes me really excited to use it the most, is the smell! It smells divine. I would recommend the product.

Barbara B.
Beautiful product!

This cleansing oil feels lovely on my skin. Gets my face clean, but hydrated and healthy. The smell is amazing as well. Spa day at home :)

Barkha R.

I am impressed with this product. I was able to clean my face thoroughly without making it dry as most face cleansing products do. It was amazing how the use of this cleansing oil also cleaned my makeup and left my skin soft, moisturized and feeling fresh! I really recommend this deep cleansing face oil!!

Silky soft skin

This cleansing oil deep cleanses my skin and removes all dirt and makeup without leaving my skin feeling greasy. My skin feels silky soft and hydrated.

Love this oil

I love how this oil removes my makeup while moisturizing my skin deeply. The days I don’t wear makeup I just mix a few drops with my moisturizer and it does wonders to my skin. This is a great help especially during winter days when my skin is on a dry side.



Remove makeup, dirt, and grime in one easy step



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