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Physician founded, Vegan, all-natural beauty brand Raaka’s World launches Oct 15th 2021

Physician founded, Vegan, all-natural beauty brand Raaka’s World launches Oct 15th 2021

I am very thrilled to announce the launch of my Vegan beauty brand Raaka’s World, today.

Our initial offerings are innovative, functional, waterless products designed to effectively clean, moisturize and nourish normal to dry skin and a serum designed to optimize scalp health. Deep Cleansing Face Oil – Pomegranate & Cardamom and Flourish Scalp Serum – Marula & Lavender are available for customers in the US and Canada directly on our website and Amazon starting today.

I am proud to share that Raaka’s World products are certified Vegan by The Vegan Society, and our Face Oil is additionally certified to be Natural by COSMOS Natural (COSmetic Organic and Natural Standard – given by  European Certification Agency, ECOCERT)

 It has been an incredible journey filled with ups and downs over these past two years to get to this stage.  Gaining new knowledge on product development, design, formulation, branding, and going to market has been an incredible learning curve that pushed me well outside my comfort zone. Doing this in the middle of a global pandemic added its own share of challenges. So, why did I do it?

I cannot enumerate the number of times people in my circle have asked me for advice on what natural products they could use for their problematic dry skin or scalp/hair issues. When the discussions steered around the many different shades of natural products that are out there, I discovered that a lot of them contained unfavorable ingredients such as Formaldehyde derivatives, potential endocrine disruptors such as Parabens, Phthalates, irritants such as Propylene Glycol and environmentally irresponsible ingredients such as mineral oil which is a petrochemical.

I realized that I had to invent the solution I was looking for and developed effective and genuinely natural products free of questionable ingredients.

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Raaka’s World is a brand represented by Raaka, a beautiful green parakeet. Parakeets are a sign of beauty, joy, wisdom, and intelligence in South Asian cultures and aptly embodies our brand’s spirit. Our brand attributes its creativity from beauty traditions and wisdom from around the world in its unique formulations.

I welcome you all to experience natural beauty inspired by world beauty traditions through Raaka’s World @

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